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10 Popular Crystal Shapes and Their Meanings - Ashley's Light Shop

10 Popular Crystal Shapes and Their Meanings

We hear you! Getting acquainted with the world of healing crystals doesn’t always feel straightforward or easy.

Not only are there over 200 crystals to choose from, but many stones also come in countless shapes and sizes.

While “the larger the stone - the stronger the vibration” shouldn’t come as a surprise, you may find yourself wondering “how much does shape matter?”

Quite a bit actually.

Although the shape of a healing crystal won’t change its metaphysical properties, it will amplify or focus stone’s energy in a specific way.

Fortunately, to help you decide which crystals could be the best fit for you, we’ve put together this list of the top 10 most popular crystal shapes and their meanings!

1. Raw Crystals

It’s 100% possible to purchase crystals in their natural, uncut form. These are commonly referred to as raw crystals, and they are simply unpolished and untreated pieces of stone. Raw crystals can come in different shapes and sizes, but they all typically have rougher surfaces. These natural stones are a good fit for people who find it helpful to feel the texture of a crystal while working with it - though some healers say that raw crystals have a more pure and sacred energy than treated stones.

Assorted Rose Quartz and Amethyst Raw Crystal Chunks - Raw Crystals Meaning

2. Tumbled Stones

Tumbled stones are raw crystal chunks that have been polished by a rock tumbler. They’re one of the most common crystal shapes and can easily be found in metaphysical shops worldwide. If you're new to the world of crystals, tumbled stones can be a great way to experiment with and experience the healing properties of different stones before committing to bigger pieces that you know you’ll vibe with. 

Tumbled stones are also practical, versatile, and portable. If you’d like to have the option of connecting with a crystal’s energy all day, you can easily keep tumbled stones in your pocket, bra, or purse. They’re also the perfect option for mediation since tumbled stones can easily be held in your palms.

Assorted Tumbled Crystals - Tumbled Crystals Meaning and Uses

3. Crystal Spheres

Crystal spheres, sometimes referred to as “crystal balls”, are cut and polished pieces of stone. With their round shape, they radiate energy evenly from all sides. Their shape is symbolic of the Earth, planets, and sun, so it’s no coincidence that crystal spheres tend to have protective and grounding capabilities. On top of using crystal spheres to balance the energy of a particular space, it can be helpful to hold a sphere in your hand if you'd like to deepen feelings of peace and calm.

The famous image of a fortune teller looking into a crystal ball has some truth to it too! Crystal spheres are commonly used for scrying, strengthening clairvoyant abilities, and can help with seeing situations from different perspectives as well. 

Blue Calcite Crystal Sphere - Crystal Sphere Meaning

4. Crystal Points 

In contrast to crystal spheres, crystal points focus and radiate their energy through a termination point. Also called “crystal towers”, these shapes can occur naturally, but in most cases, they have been shaped into the clean cut forms we see today. Crystal points can have one or two termination points and are extremely powerful stones. By directing their energy through their points, they amplify and enhance the healing properties of the stone they’re cut from. They are capable of raising the vibration of a space, radiating vast amounts of positive energy, and they also make great centerpieces for crystal grids.

Aura Quartz Crystal Towers - Crystal Tower Meaning

5. Heart-Shaped Crystals

All heart-shaped crystals are cut and polished into their form. The heart shape adds an extra boost of nurturing and loving energy to the crystal they’ve been made from. Heart-shaped stones are a great option if you want to work with and open your heart chakra, deepen feelings of love and compassion, balance your emotions, and release any worries you may be holding onto. 

Selenite Hearts - Heart-Shaped Crystals Meaning

6. Healing Crystal Wands

While crystal wands can be cut from a variety of stones and come in many different sizes, they work just like you’d imagine - they direct and focus energy through their points. Whether they’re rounded or have been cut to have distinct faces, crystal wands are commonly used to pinpoint and release energetic blockages and balance the chakras too.

Selenite Wand - Crystal Wand Meaning and Use

7. Egg-Shaped Crystals

Similar to crystal spheres, egg-shaped crystals also radiate energy from all sides but have a focal point at the top. They can help you tap into your feminine energy, explore a more aligned work/life balance, and are a great option for creatives. Symbolic of fertility and new beginnings, egg-shaped crystals can assist with bringing new ideas to life. 

 Rhodonite Egg - Crystal Egg Meaning and Use

8. Pyramid-Shaped Crystals

Pyramid-shaped crystals are cut to have a square base and 4 triangular faces that meet at an apex at the top. This crystal shape is commonly used for manifestation as its stable and strong base can ground your intention while simultaneously amplifying the energy around it by sending it up to the Universe through a singular point. Pyramid-shaped crystals can also help filter out any negative energies and clear blockages. It’s no surprise that this sacred geometrical shape has been popular since ancient times!

Mini Clear Quartz Pyramid - Crystal Pyramid Meaning

9. Crystal Clusters

Crystal clusters carry very potent energy due to the presence of multiple points in a single piece. They can form naturally or be cut, but they all typically have points facing a variety of directions. This allows crystal clusters to send energy in different directions making this shape a great choice for cleansing spaces - especially rooms where many people come together, such as kitchens, dining rooms, and meeting rooms. 

Angel Aura Cluster - Crystal Cluster Meaning

10. Crystal Geodes

Like crystal clusters, crystal geodes also have many points but rather than facing outward, they all point inward. Crystal geodes typically have a smooth and plain exterior showing no visible signs of the magic they hold inside. When cracked or split open, you’ll discover countless glittering points creating a mini high-vibe cave. Crystal geodes also hold powerful amounts of energy due the number of points in a single stone. In contrast to crystal clusters, the energy geodes radiate can be a bit softer since their points face one another within the stone’s cavity.

Crystal Geode Meaning

When it comes to choosing healing crystals, there’s no better way to go about selecting your stones than by tuning into what you intuitively feel drawn to. 

However, with so many crystal types and shapes out there, it can feel overwhelming to narrow down your selections and figure out which stone or two would be the absolute best fit for you - especially if you're just getting started.

That’s why we’ve created a handful of guides to help you dive deeper into the magical world of crystals. From sharing the top healing crystals recommended for beginners, 7 simple ways to use crystals, and more, we’ve got you covered! 

By talking about different crystal types, uses, and shapes, our aim is to provide you with a starting point for:

  • Discovering healing stones that support your energy
  • Experimenting with a variety of crystal uses so you can find out what works best for you
  • Understanding how a crystal's shape influences its energy so you can work with stones in the most aligned way for you

And if you’re ready to start growing your collection, visit Ashley’s Light Shop for crystal clusters, spheres, towers, and more!

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