Meet Ashley, founder of Ashley's Light...

She's also known as the Earthy Tinkerbell, the expert in eco-luxe gift creation.

She never understood why she was drawn to work in retail at the age of 31, until 4 years later, when she opened this shop. She knew that she was the bridge between 2 worlds: the eco-friendly and the luxurious, because she wanted them both. She didn't resonate with being a hippie living in the middle of the forest, nor did she resonate with being someone who shopped luxury goods without the thought of where or how they were made.

But she wasn't always this way.

She grew up in a middle-class family, in a wealthy neighborhood (Oakville, Ontario, Canada), so she was surrounded by people with beautiful things. She developed a shopping addiction at the age of 18 while working at a fine dining restaurant that lasted for many years. She had a fashion item from probably every designer you could think of and would barely ever be caught in the same outfit.

It wasn't until the age of 25 when something shifted within her that felt like a light bulb turning on. It's as if all of a sudden she woke up. She started paying attention to where her food, clothing, and personal products came from and began to question everything. Slowly but surely she began replacing what she was eating, wearing, using and buying. She no longer bought things without thinking- she had to make sure she felt good about where they were coming from and how they were made.

She's had a long journey of conscious living since then, and she's by no means close to perfect, but she does her best. She asks the tough questions and goes the extra mile to ensure the things she purchases align with her values, and most importantly now, that the products she provides her customers are of highest integrity. 

She founded this eco-luxe shop in May of 2020 after she had just started a life coaching business. Since her "awakening" in 2011, (she's 37 now so you don't have to do the math) her inner light began to radiate very powerfully. She became an inspiration and an activator for many. This led her to launching her first product which was a candle. She wanted to create a physical representation of your light, and what better product to symbolize that than a candle. She's since expanded into bath salts, essential oil roll-ons, soaps, incense and lip balms. She no longer does life coaching but she is a motivational speaker and helps others create their own product based businesses.

Her products are major activators and remind you of your innate power. She prides herself on sending you intentional, conscious products made with love, light and magic.

Her crystal candles are hand poured using 100% soy wax, non-toxic fragrance, and clean burning wicks. ⁣Her crystals are hand-selected by her and ethically sourced. Her bath salts, roll-on essential oil blends, soaps, and lip balms are 100% natural, and all hand made in the USA.

Every single item inside this shop has an intention- whether it's bringing your thoughts back to love, or helping you release what's no longer serving you, there's a purpose behind it. She's put her heart and soul into these creations and she knows you'll feel it with anything you purchase.

Thank you for stopping by this curated corner of the Internet. We hope you love it here as much as we do.⁣

xoxo the Ashley's Light team