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7 Simple Ways to Use Healing Crystals in Everyday Life - Healing Crystal Bracelets

7 Simple Ways to Use Healing Crystals in Everyday Life

Using healing crystals in day-to-day life doesn’t have to be complicated. 

You can experience the amazing benefits of working with these stones without having to learn about crystal grids, reiki, or lengthy meditation practices. (But if these topics spark your curiosity, do explore them!)

There are tons of easy ways of incorporating healing crystals into your existing routines. You don’t have to create new practices that only end up adding to your to-do list every day. 

So if you’re ready to start making crystals part of your daily life, here are 7 simple ways you can add these healing stones into your everyday routines!

1. Wearing Healing Crystal Jewelry

From obsidian to clear quartz, kunzite, and aquamarine, countless crystals have been embedded in necklaces, bracelets, rings, and more! Wearing crystals in jewelry form doesn’t take much time or effort, and it can allow you to tap into the stones' healing properties when you’re on the go.

Some popular and powerful pieces of crystal jewelry include:

Obsidian Bracelets: Obsidian is a highly protective stone. It provides a shield against negative energy, lower vibrations, and psychic attacks. It’s a great stone to wear if you typically come in contact or communicate with many different people or visit a variety places throughout the week. Obsidian will help keep your energy balanced and grounded without influence from external sources.

Rose Quartz Necklaces: As the crystal of unconditional love (including self-love), rose quartz helps keep your heart open and is capable of sharing its nurturing energy with you whenever you need. Its healing properties can be extra potent when worn as a necklace or pendant over the heart. Rose Quartz jewelry is a great option if you’re sensing tension in any of your relationships, such as your relationship with yourself, a friend, family member, partner, or even a coworker. 

Aquamarine Necklaces: Aquamarine helps with communication, connecting your heart to your throat, and sharing your truth. This makes it a fantastic stone to wear as a necklace. If you’re over-thinking or feeling nervous about speaking up, aquamarine can help you find the right words and support you with calming your mind too!

A couple wearing healing stone necklaces - how to use healing crystals


2. Carrying Crystals in Your Pocket or Bag

If you’re not a fan of wearing jewelry or want to experiment with a few different crystals before committing to a statement piece, you can pick out and place a few different stones in your pocket or purse. Just like wearing crystal jewelry, you’ll be able to experience each stone's healing properties throughout the day regardless of where you are.

On top of the crystals recommended above, some of the best stones to keep in your pocket,  purse, or bra are:

Black Tourmaline: Similar to obsidian, black tourmaline is also an extremely protective and grounding crystal. It absorbs and transmutes any lower frequencies in your environment, so you don’t have to take them on. This can help you let go of overwhelm and enhance feelings of safety, peace, and confidence.

Clear Quartz: As a “master healer”, you’ll experience more than one perk from carrying clear quartz in your pocket or purse. This stone can assist with finding clarity when looking for answers, "clear" out negative energy, and amplify the healing properties of any other crystals you may have on you too! Clear Quartz is a great option for busy or fast-paced work environments.

Citrine: If you’re looking for a boost of positivity, creativity, and energy, citrine is the perfect stone! This vibrant crystal can help you tap into feelings of confidence, activate your imagination, and bring more joy into your environment. It’s a great stone to have on hand when you’re creating or crafting something new, working towards your goals, or navigating your path to success. 

A woman holds tumbled healing crystals in her palm


3. Cleansing and Protecting Your Home with Healing Crystals

On top of protecting and nurturing your own aura or energetic field, crystals can also help safeguard your home from negative energy and lower vibrations. Placing cleansing and protective crystals in strategic positions around your space, such as over doors and in window sills, can help regulate the atmosphere of your home, ensure that only uplifting energy is welcomed in, and keep lower frequencies out.

Powerful stones to place in these key areas include:

Selenite: This crystal will help cleanse any energy making its way into your home - allowing your space to remain positive and peaceful. 

Black Tourmaline and/or Obsidian: Both of these stones will help shield your home from negative energy by either transmuting it or sending it away. 

A selenite lamp glowing on the window sill - how to use crystals in the home

4. Placing Crystals in Your Work or Office Space

In today’s fast-paced digital age, many jobs encourage multitasking and require people to stay connected using tech for hours on end. This can make work environments feel hectic and distracting. Fortunately, placing crystals in your office space can help dissolve some of that tension, boost focus, stimulate your imagination, and provide protection against negative energy too.

Great crystals for your work or office space include:

Amethyst: Amethyst helps enhance feelings of relaxation and is also known for activating the third eye. Placing amethyst in your work space can help with staying calm and using your intuition to make aligned decisions in busy times.

Clear Quartz: As touched on earlier, clear quartz is the perfect choice for fast-paced work environments. Not only will this stone help neutralize any lower vibrations, but it will help keep your mind clear and focused as well.

Shungite: Similar to black tourmaline, shungite is another protective and grounding crystal. It provides protection from electromagnetic frequencies, helps purify negative energies, and can give your work environment an energetic boost. 

An amethyst cluster, clear quartz, and obsidian stone placed in front of a computer - healing crystals for your office space

5. Crystals for Sleep

You don’t need to be awake to experience the healing properties of different stones. Countless crystals can be used to ease stress, enhance feelings of relaxation, and stimulate rejuvenating dreams while you sleep. 

Popular stones to place in your bedroom include:

Amethyst: Known for encouraging feelings of relaxation, amethyst is a popular option for soothing active minds. Placing an amethyst cluster or stone on your nightstand can help you experience a more peaceful sleep. However, keep in mind that using amethyst for sleep may not be the right fit for everyone. Some may find amethyst’s ability to activate their intuition too stimulating. If this applies to you, check out the suggestions below.

Celestite: Like amethyst, celestite also helps with getting a good night’s sleep. Sometimes called “celestine”, this healing stone can deepen feelings of calm, release worries, and connect you with your Guardian Angels for a truly restorative rest. Celestite has a softer energy, so it’s a great alternative for those who find amethyst too activating.

Howlite: Howlite is another stone with incredibly soothing energy. It’s capable of quieting the mind, absorbing stress, and encouraging uplifting dreams. Place a piece of howlite on your nightstand or under your pillow to experience the benefits of working with this stone!

Healing crystals for sleep placed on a wooden nightstand

6. Creating Self-Care Rituals with Healing Crystals

If there’s a specific crystal you resonate with, you can create your own simple practice to strengthen your connection to it and tap deeper into its healing properties. There’s no need to plan anything elaborate either - simply incorporate the stone into one of your existing routines or rituals, such as journaling, going for a walk, or even napping. 

Here are some ideas to help get you started:

Clear Quartz: Place a piece of clear quartz in front of you or hold the stone in your free hand while journaling. This will help you focus, clear your mind, and find solutions. 

Smoky Quartz: As a powerful grounding stone, keep smoky quartz on hand when going for a walk outdoors. This stone will help you feel more connected to nature, the earth, and more present in your immediate environment. 

Amethyst: When you’re feeling called to take a break and close your eyes, lay down for a few minutes and place a small piece of amethyst between your brows on your third eye. This crystal will help calm the mind, enhance feelings of peace, and help you connect with your intuition all at the same time. 

Journaling with crystals - a man and woman write while wearing healing stone necklaces

7. Burning Crystal Infused Candles

While lighting a candle can instantly make any room feel cozy, burning a crystal infused candle is a simple yet powerful way of radiating a crystal’s healing energy throughout your space. Bask in your candle’s warm glow and take in the aroma that’s been perfectly paired with each stone to experience a shift in your own energetic field too!

And to take any guesswork out of the process, all crystal infused candles from Ashley’s Light Shop come with an affirmation to help you tap into each stone’s healing properties without confusion or delay.

Popular crystal infused candles include:

The Clear Quartz Abundance Candle: For activating your creativity and connecting with the infinite possibilities offered by the universe.

The Smoky Quartz Grounding Candle: For grounding you in the present moment and easing any stress or worries from the day.

The Rose Quartz Love Candle: For opening your heart and tapping into the calming and nurturing frequency of unconditional love.

Smoky Quartz Crystal Infused Candle

Making crystals part of your everyday life doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming.

In fact, the simpler the practice, the more likely you are to consistently use your crystals and experience the benefits of working with these healing stones!

When deciding which crystals and routines you’d like to start with, consider which of the seven approaches from this post you felt the most drawn to and begin with the one. As you begin to build a ritual that feels good to you, don’t hesitate to experiment with different stones. With over 200 crystals out there, this will help you discover which crystals are truly the best fit for you!

To start incorporating crystals into your daily routines, check out Ashley’s Light Shop for crystal jewelry, candles, and stones!

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