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5 Simple Ways to Choose Healing Crystals

5 Simple Ways to Choose Healing Crystals

With over 200 different types of crystals out there, there’s no doubt that the perfect stones for your energy and needs exist.

However, with so many options, it can often feel overwhelming to figure out exactly which ones those may be.

What’s more is that one of the most common pieces of advice given to beginners looking for crystals is to simply “follow your intuition.”

While this guidance comes from a good place, many people getting started with crystals are usually still learning how to tune into their intuition, which doesn’t always make this advice as useful as it’s meant to be.

So if you’re looking for some clear, actionable tips for picking out the right stones, here are 5 simple ways to choose healing crystals.

1. Pay Attention to Which Crystals Catch Your Eye

Whether you're shopping for crystals in-person or online, pay attention to which stones catch your eye. Don’t worry about checking the name or type of crystal - simply note which stones grabbed your attention.

A crystal can catch your eye for a variety of reasons too, such as its:

  • Color
  • Texture
  • Sheen/Finish
  • Shape
  • Size

In fact, there’s no right or wrong way for a stone to catch your attention.

One of the most common misconceptions about crystal shopping is to avoid buying a stone simply because you think it’s “pretty.” Aesthetic tastes and preferences are subjective, so if you find that a specific crystal stops your scroll due to its beauty, that's still an intuitive hit!

Woman Holding a Red Hematoid Quartz Sphere - How to Pick Out Crystals

As well, when you see something you find pretty, stunning, or even mesmerizing, you often experience some sort of accompanying emotion, such as joy or awe, which brings us to our second tip below.

2. Note Which Crystals Spark a Feeling or Emotion

A second approach to choosing crystals involves paying attention to which healing stones have an effect on your feelings or mood. When looking for new crystals in-person or online, take note if you notice an emotional shift - no matter how subtle it may be. Does looking at or holding a particular stone help you feel calmer? Do you feel a spark of joy, motivation, or even clarity?

If you recognize a change in your emotions when connecting with a specific stone, this crystal could be a good fit for you (provided you feel that the shift supports you).

Woman Holding a Heart-Shaped Crystal - How to Choose Healing Crystals

3. When Shopping for Crystals In-Person, Notice If You Experience Any Physical Sensations

This process for picking out healing crystals tends to work best if you’re browsing for stones in-person. Simply hold your non-dominant hand (palm facing down) over an assortment of crystals on a shelf or table and slowly move your hand over the different stones.

Notice if you experience any physical sensations when your hand passes over a particular crystal. This can include a sort of “tugging” or “pulling” feeling towards a specific stone or even a tingling sensation in your hand as it hovers over a crystal.

Paying attention to the crystals you feel physically drawn to can help you find and pick out the right healing stones for you.

Assorted Healing Crystals on a Table - How to Choose the Right Crystal for You

4. Research and Choose Crystals that Align with Your Goals

Despite what you may have heard, there is nothing wrong with doing some research when it comes to choosing your crystals.

With so many possibilities out there, looking up different stones can help you narrow down potential options and make the whole crystal selection process less confusing and overwhelming. (In some cases, overwhelm can actually quiet your intuition too).

One of the best ways to go about choosing healing stones through research is to choose a specific goal or intention you’re currently working on. For example, are you:

  • Seeking more clarity around next steps in your career or entrepreneurship journey?
  • Desiring to tap deeper into your spiritual gifts and abilities?
  • Wanting to feel more at ease and at peace in day-to-day life?
  • Or something else?

Without a doubt, you will find a series of stones that align with your intention. Take note on which crystals you feel the most drawn to - whether it be a visual or a physical “pull.”

Journaling with Healing Crystal Bracelets - How to Choose the Right Crystal

And if you’re just getting started with your crystal collection, we’re here to help! Make sure to check out our list of the top 10 crystals for beginners to start exploring which healing stones could be the best fit for you.

5. Pay Attention to Which Crystals You Turn Away From

This fifth approach to picking out crystals may initially seem counter-intuitive. Afterall, isn’t feeling drawn to a specific stone a sign that it’s the right match for you? Wouldn’t experiencing a lack of interest in a particular crystal indicate that it’s not a fit?

This final process for choosing healing stones can be incredibly powerful but requires some inner reflection.

Sometimes, feeling a lack of interest in a stone can indicate a particular energetic blockage. For example, if you notice that you’re repeatedly turning away from green-colored stones, this could suggest that your heart chakra is blocked or closed. Working with a green crystal, such as Green Aventurine, Malachite, and Jade, could help open the energy center and start clearing some of those blockages.

This method for choosing crystals takes a bit more effort as it requires noticing your patterns over time and reflecting whether there are certain experiences you’ve been holding yourself back from or if you're feeling "stuck" in certain areas of life. To help with this process, we’ve included a simple overview of common crystal colors and the energy centers they’re connected with below:

Energy Centers and Their Meanings - Tips for Choosing Healing Crystals

Should you choose to use this approach, also pay attention to which stones you feel more than a lack of interest in. If you experience an aversion to a specific stone, this could be an indication that its energy is too strong or incompatible with yours for the time being. Before working with such a stone, we recommend checking in with our in-house crystal expert, Ashley!

Assorted Tumbled Stones - How to Pick a Crystal

Which colors do you feel drawn to? Which ones do you not feel any interest in?

Out of the 5 approaches to choosing healing crystals outlined in this post, there’s no single method that is more effective or “better” than another.

The best method to use is the one that feels the most natural for you, and you can experiment with and even combine the different techniques to discover your unique crystal selection process.

Extra Tip: Before you begin browsing for different stones, you can also ask the Universe for its support to help lead you to the crystals that will be the best match for you.

And to get started with discovering your personal crystal selection process, check out Ashley’s Light Shop to explore available healing stones!

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