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Pyrite Homecoming Candle

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Embrace the essence of "Welcome Home" with our exquisite affirmation candle. Infused with the purifying aroma of palo santo, this candle carries the dual purpose of creating a sense of home, both in your space and within yourself.

Whether you're moving into a new space or reconnecting with your essence after a rebirth, the pyrite crystal radiates protection and prosperity. The affirmation resonates deeply, symbolizing your journey towards self-welcome and belonging.

Light the candle, and as its flame dances, experience the fusion of scent and crystal. Our commitment to quality ensures a clean burn with 100% soy wax plus a cotton and zinc-free wick. The reusable vessel embodies the concept of "home" even beyond its glowing 65-85 hours.

Find solace and a sense of belonging in our "Welcome Home" candle, an invitation to create a sanctuary of protection, prosperity, and self-acceptance. Illuminate your path and space, embracing every step of your journey.
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