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Carnelian Power Candle

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Ignite your inner fire with our limited edition "I am Powerful" affirmation candle. Infused with the invigorating essence of Egyptian amber, this candle is a dynamic source of energy, designed to spark creativity and amplify your strength.

Empower yourself with the affirmation that resonates: "I am Powerful." As you light the flame, the carnelian crystal and fragrance synergize, channeling vitality and determination into your being.

Crafted with care, our candle features 100% soy wax, a cotton and zinc-free wick, ensuring a clean and potent burn. The reusable vessel extends its presence, offering a reminder of your prowess beyond its vibrant 65-85-hour lifespan.

Unleash your potential and embrace your creative force. Illuminate your space with our "I am Powerful" candle, the epitome of inspiration and strength, meant to energize and remind you of your limitless capabilities.
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