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How to Use Intention Candles - Ashley's Light Shop

How to Use Intention Candles

If there are goals you’re working towards or energy you’d like to shift, candles can help supercharge your intentions. 

Fire is a powerful tool for cleansing, focusing, and amplifying energy, and candles have been a part of spiritual rituals worldwide for centuries. 

Fortunately, setting intentions with candles isn’t challenging - provided that you have clarity about what you’d like to shift or manifest. Nowadays, many healers even handcraft intention candles for specific purposes and goals.

So if you’re interested in getting started with intention candles, read on to discover our top tips and suggestions. 

What are Intention Candles?

In a nutshell, any candle can be used as an intention candle. There are no specific features or details an intention candle needs to have as long as your choice feels good and resonates with you. 

That being said, it’s possible to find candles that have been crafted to align with specific goals. These “intention candles” are often paired with carefully selected crystals, essential oils, or flowers and herbs to support a particular intention. For example, you can find intention candles for clearing your energy, activating your throat chakra, and more. The wax may also be dyed a special color and the candle may even be charged with reiki.

These additional elements in intention candles can add an extra “oomph” of energy and magick to intention setting rituals.

Smoky Quartz Grounding Intention Candle - Ashley's Light Shop

This grounding intention candle is infused with smoky quartz and paired with a natural oak moss & amber fragrance to help balance the root chakra.

Types of Intention Candles

There’s a whole variety of intention candles out there to assist you with shifting your energy and manifesting your goals. It’s possible to come across intention candles sold by both large scale manufacturers and local energy workers/healers.

We always recommend exploring what small businesses run by lightworkers have available, such as Ashley's Light Shop, as these candles are crafted with more care and with higher quality, environmentally-friendly ingredients. 

As mentioned just above, intention candles can be simple and plain candles but they can also feature:

  • Crystals
  • Essential Oils
  • Herbs and Flowers
  • A combination of any of these ingredients

4 Crystal Infused Intention Candles - Ashley's Light Shop

Ashley's Light Shop Intention Candles include non-toxic fragrances and crystals to supercharge the energy around your intention setting practice.

Intention Candles with Crystals

Some of the most popular intention candles are infused with crystals. Crystals in candles combine the power of crystal healing with the magick of fire for a truly powerful and high vibrational intention setting experience. 

With over 200 different types of stones out there, crystals used in intention candles are often carefully selected to align with the purpose of the candle and amplify the energy around your goal. For example:

  • Selenite, a cleansing stone, is frequently paired with candles intended purify energy
  • Smoky Quartz, a grounding crystal, is commonly used with candles designed to help alleviate worry and allow people to feel more present or at ease
  • Rose Quartz, a stone for the heart,  is often combined with candles created to help you deepen your own heart connection and call in love
Crystal Infused Intention Candle featuring Clear Quartz for Abundance - Ashley's Light Shop

How to Set Intentions with Candles

Absolutely anyone can work on setting intentions with the help of candles - provided that they feel called to explore the practice. In order to begin:

  1. The first step of any intention setting ritual is to get clear on what goal you’d like to work with or what energy you’d like to shift. Fire is a powerful tool, so it’s important to make sure that any intentions you’re working with are coming from a place of love and are for the highest and greatest good of all. Positive intentions are a must!
  2. Next, choose a previously unlit candle that aligns with your intention. Of course, you can use any candle that feels good to you, but choosing a candle that’s been designed to support your intention can help amplify the energy surrounding your goal. These intention candles, such as Ashley’s Light Crystal Candles, can be especially helpful for individuals new to this manifestation practice. 
  3. Now that you’ve chosen your candle, find a space where you’ll be able to meditate and reflect on your intention undisturbed. You may want to clear the area of any objects or paraphernalia that’s not aligned with your goal. You can also cleanse the space with sage or palo santo.
  4. Once you’re all set, it’s time to set and ignite your intention with the help of your candle. Take a seat in front of your candle, get comfortable, and relax. Simply light your intention candle and close your eyes. Start focusing on your intention and visualize what you will see when your intention becomes your reality. Where will you be?  What will you hear? How will you feel? Aim to get as specific as possible with the details. If your candle is paired with essential oils, allow their aroma to activate your imagination and spend as much time as you need visualizing your intention.
  5. Should you feel called, state your intention in the form of an affirmation - as if it’s already come to pass. You can repeat it in your mind or out loud. For example, if you’re working towards manifesting more abundance in your life, repeat: “I am abundant.” If your intention is to strengthen your connection to your guides and higher self, say “I am connected.”
  6. When you are done, be sure to show gratitude and thank the Universe for its support. While you may come across guidance stating that once ignited, an intention candle should remain lit until it burns down, we know that’s not always practical or safe. Make sure to follow the candle care instructions that come with your specific candle and know that it’s perfectly fine to snuff out your candle after you have completed your ritual. (You can light it again whenever you wish to reconnect with the same intention -  just don't reuse it for a different purpose).

How to Use Intention Candles - Ashley's Light Shop

Remember: now that your intention has been charged and set, it’s important to continue taking tangible action towards your goal in day-to-day life!

And to get started with finding the perfect candle for your next intention setting ritual, make sure to check our non-toxic and consciously made crystal candles!

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