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The Powerful Potency Box


The Powerful Potency Box was curated for someone looking to increase their power, potency and profit. Looking for greater willpower, focus, and creative energy? Then this is the box for you. This abundance attracting box carries powerful vibrations of strength, luck and protection. This could be a very helpful box for someone who has a lot of ideas, but struggles with fully bringing them to life.

Box Includes:

Fire quartz palm stone for clear, grounded, and focused thoughts

Pyrite infused candle for protecting one's aura and attracting prosperity (for more information on this candle, visit the listing here:

Carnelian heart to spark creative energy and new ideas

Malachite bracelet to radiate love, kindness and positive energy

Sustainably sourced palo santo stick to cleanse & clear old, stale energies that no longer serve