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Amethyst & Aventurine Facial Roller


Chevron amethyst and green aventurine facial roller that assists in stimulating collagen production, increasing blood flow, decreasing puffiness, and maximizing benefits from skincare products.

*Tip: keep your roller in the fridge for instant cooling, pore tightening, and depuffing.

Chevron amethyst is amethyst with quartz. It specifically focuses on the third eye and crown chakras which helps to align with higher energies and frequencies. This stone helps to establish a connection with your higher self. 

Green aventurine instills strength, confidence, courage, and happiness. It has a soothing energy which helps to balance the emotional body.

Each roller is unique in colors, so photo may not be an exact representation of what you receive. 

Charged and cleansed by Ashley before shipping 💗