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Aqua Aura Unbound Candle


100% soy wax, hand poured with love in the USA, 11 oz. aqua aura affirmation candle.

Affirm: "I am Unbound" as you burn this candle with the perfectly paired fragrance that activates the crystal while helping you activate your throat chakra, connecting you to your emotions and truth. This crystal & fragrance pairing has an activating, freeing energy which helps open you up for creation.

Sea Minerals: a clean scent that reminds you of the sea with notes of ozone, linen, light powder, and moss. 

High quality, non-toxic fragrances are used in all candles.

No paraffin, phthalates, fillers.

Cotton, zinc free wick.

Clean burn in this ceramic, charcoal gray reusable vessel for 55-75 hours depending on candle care.