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About Ashley


I’m Ashley, also known as the Earthy Tinkerbell.⁣

I’m a 3/5 Emotional Manifestor with a biiiiig personality.⁣

I’m a Pisces sun, Leo moon, Virgo rising.⁣

I shoot sunbeams out my eyeballs on the regular and my wish is that my light activates yours.⁣

My greatest gift is my childlike wonder and awe, and zest for life.⁣

I am the CEO of this cosmically conscious business where I offer magnetic gift boxes, signature eco-luxe creations, and statement crystals.⁣

I founded this shop in May of 2020. This launch of my first ever product in my first ever shop was a long time dream come true!! When the lockdowns happened, I decided that it was the time to stop being afraid of my dreams.⁣

My products are activations in and of themselves to remind you of who the eff you are and to help you turn up the brightness.⁣

You’ll find me frolicking in sparkly gardens, forests and beaches, sipping mystical magical beverages, and blinding you with my light.⁣

I pride myself on sending you intentional, conscious products made with love, light and magic. My non-toxic crystal candles are hand poured using 100% soy wax and absolutely luxurious. ⁣
My crystals are hand selected by me and cleansed before sendoff. And my vegan bath salts are 100% natural, created for magical rituals.⁣

Welcome to my ethereal realm. I hope you love it here as much as I do.⁣
xoxo Ashley